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Instruments ppt 1. INSTRUMENTSINSTRUMENTS 2. AMBUBAG • A bag valve mask (also known as a BVM or Ambu bag) is a hand-held device used to provide positive pressure to a patient who is not breathing or who is breathing inadequately. 3. AIRWAY • to open mouth of an unconscious patient for oral toilet and to free the airway Curved Mosquito Hemostat • Used to hold delicate tissue • Used to compress bleeding vessels • Jaws are fully serrated 11. Crile hemostatic forceps 12. Kocher (Oschner) hemostatic forceps 13. Needle Holder • Used to hold and pass a suturing needle through tissue • Has groove to hold needle within jaws 14 Instruments and other things used for physical examination 1. INSTRUMENTS AND OTHER THINGS USED FOR PHYSICAL EXAMINATION Harisa Mardiana 2. Box of Tissue 3. Vaginal Speculum 4. Stethoscope 5. Otoscope 6. Ophthalmoscope 7. Medical Scissors 8. Sterile Gloves 9. Thermometer 10. Tape Measurement 11

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Instruments Instruments are classified by their function -Cutting & Dissecting -Grasping & Holding -Clamping & Occluding -Exposing & Retracting -Suturing & Stapling -Viewing -Suctionin 189 Patient Safety Blood Pressure The main objective of any healthcare system should be the safe progress of the patients through all parts of the system. Harm from their care as well as from the environment in which it is carried out, must be avoided and risk minimized in care delivery processes. Electrical shocks, burns and fire hazards caused by medical equipment are one of the highest risks that may harm the patient. Electric shock: When the human body comes in contact with. clamp used to grasp tissue or vessels that will be tied off. Also used in blunt dissection. Kelly Clamp: Larger size variation of hemostat with similar function for grasping larger tissues or vessels. Kocher Clamp: Traumatic toothed clamp used to hold tissue that will be removed. Allis and Babcock Clamps: Slightly rounded jaws, both are used fo 1. Cutting and Dissecting Instruments. These surgical instruments as the name implies are used for cutting and dissecting the skin, tissue and suture material. These instruments usually have sharp edges which enable the surgeos to cut and disscect tissue so as to explore irregular growths and to remove dangerous or damegd tissue. Examples of cutting and dissecting instruments include scalpels, scissors, saws, etc. i. Scapel

Equipment or tools used to diagnose, test or screen for health conditions are known as diagnostic equipment. Thermometer, Sphygmomanometer, Stethoscope, X-Ray machines, MRI machines comes in this category. It is said that correct diagnosis leads to correct treatment and it is the first task of the doctor, without doing this a health care. This surgical instrument is mainly used to cut body tissues. Scissors used in surgery come in two main types: Mayo and Metzenbaum scissors. When it comes to cutting or dissecting soft delicate tissues, surgeons prefer the metzenbaum scissors. The Mayo scissors are used for cutting hard tissues such as joints We also include some of our most popular multipurpose PPT themes. Use them for making medical slideshows and creating healthcare presentations. 1. Recovery Medical PowerPoint. We start our list of medical presentation templates with Recovery Medical PowerPoint theme. It uses a unique design style and includes editable, data-driven charts

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MUSICAL INSTRUMENTSA. StringsB. WoodwindsWoodwindC. BrassD. PercussionE. Keyboard InstrumentsF. Other InstrumentsSymphony orchestaMusic and MusiciansMusic Pictures for Classroom and Therapy Use MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS A. Strings 1. violin 2. viola 3. cello 4. bass 5. (acoustic) guitar 6. ukulele 7. electric guitar 8. banjo 9. mandolin 10. harp Stings 1.bow 2.violin 3.viola 4.(double) bass 5.cello. Pictures of Surgical Instruments. California. I created this site for nurses, surgical technicians, medical students, and anyone else interested in becoming familiar with surgical instruments. There are thousands of different surgical instruments which can be overwhelming for anyone new to the operating room

Surgical instruments are tools typically designed with the intent of aiding medical staff during medical procedures. Certain instruments are used in almost all types of surgery. These may include surgical scalpels used for making incisions in bodily tissues, or instruments such as retractors that hold open a part of the body, thereby allowing the doctor to perform the necessary work Uses. Test tube. Folin-Wu tube. Glass slide mycole and cover slips. in microscopy, serology, etc. as the solid backing on which test samples are taken. Petri dish. used for preparation of culture media and the culture of organisms they are in. Glass beaker. reagent storage 4. Centrifuge. A centrifuge is a device that allows the rotation of an object about a single axis, where an outward force is applied perpendicularly to the axis. A laboratory centrifuge is motor-based and allows the rotation of a liquid sample resulting in the separation of the components of the mixture

  1. Surgeons use suturing or stapling instruments to close a wound or rejoin tissue after an operation. They include needle holders for suturing, or sewing up a wound. Stapling devices are a frequent choice for surgeons for the same purpose, because surgical stapling can be much quicker than suturing
  2. Extensive Range of Cassettes, Grids and Attachments for Image Intensifier. Free Cassette Exposures on Table, Floor, Wheelchair or Gurney. Table. Tilt: Motor Driven, +90º to -15º, automatic stop in horizontal position Height: approximately 85 cm. Tabletop Outside Dimensions: length approximately 200cm,Width approximately 80c
  3. Pictures of Surgical Instruments for Doctors, Nurses and Surgical Technologists. A catalog of common surgical instruments for general, neuro, vascular and orthopedic surgery
  4. The nurse washing medical instrument Close up of nurse's hands washing medical instrument after operation surgical instruments stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Sterilized dental equipment on shelves Dental equipement in the process of sterilization with UV lamps.Selective soft focus.Toned image. surgical instruments stock pictures, royalty-free photos & image
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instruments used in periodontal procedures Maintenance of the health of the periodontium (gingiva, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone) is vital for an individual's overall dental health. Disease of the periodontium is referred to as periodontal disease and is a common dental problem The medical assistant can also be responsible for disinfecting and sanitizing the instruments and preparing them for the physician before the next physical examination. The physical assessment includes an audioscope, examination light, laryngeal mirror, nasal speculum, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, penlight, percussion hammer, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, thermometer, and tuning fork

Iran produces about 2,000 types of medical devices and medical supplies, such as appliances, dental supplies, disposable sterile medical items, laboratory machines, various biomaterials and dental implants. 400 Medical products are produced at the C and D risk class with all of them licensed by the Iranian Health Ministry in terms of safety and performance based on EU-standards Instrument class Image Uses Specific instruments Articulator: Galotti articulator: Bone chisel: Cutting instrument Pin cutter: To cut the pins after they are used to place bone in correct place Bone distractor: Clamps and distractors llizarov apparatus: Accessories and implants Intramedullary kinetic bone distractor: Clamps and distractors Bone dril Weather Instruments & Their Uses Meteorologists use a wide variety of different instruments to measure weather conditions, but many of these instruments fall into relatively common, overarching categories. Thermometers, for instance, come in traditional liquid-in-glass forms and newer electronic forms,.


  1. e numbness prior to start of surgery, used for AROM once bag is seen through incision, used to hold intestinal; delicate structure
  2. d and concisely walk them through your points. Quirky Image Masks. Healthcare PPT templates present very useful information
  3. And share some of the instruments used today with their similarities and differences. Bonus: Download our Surgical Retractors - Types, Usage & Options as a PDF. Get the PDF version that you can save to your desktop or print for reference anytime
  4. Medical Use of Radioisotopes Medical Imaging Thanks to radioactive isotopes, be used to give an accurate picture of the area where the isotope was absorbed. Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography particles are stopped at a very short distance from their point of origin, intense radiation damage is localized
  5. Thumb forceps are spring forceps used by compression between your thumb and forefinger and are used for grasping, holding or manipulating body tissue. They are non-ratchet style. For example, you could use thumb forceps to hold or move tissue during surgery or to move dressings
  6. Uses of Outside Caliper: The same observations and techniques are applied to the outside caliper compared with inside caliper. With some understanding of their limitations and usage, these instruments can provide a high degree of accuracy and repeatability
  7. Instrument Insight: used in all disciplines. Never use penetrating clips to attach the electrosurgical unit (ESU), suction, Description: the jaws may be curved or straight; they have horizontal serrations running half of their length, ending in fine, blunt tips. The shanks are longer than those of a Crile or a Kelly

A measuring instrument is an instrument that indicates the degree of something, the extent of something or the quantity of something. There are numerous measuring instruments in this world. We shall take a look at some of these measuring instruments and their functions A veterinarian uses a variety of instruments to perform surgical procedures on animals. The instruments that are selected for a particular surgery are chosen based on their function. The general surgical pack contains instruments that are used for holding, pulling, (pp. 244-249). Philadelphia, PA: Saunders. Questions 1 for use with surgical instruments can cause damage and/or limit cleaning effectiveness. 7 . CLEANING Mechanical cleaning is a safer Sterilizers are Class 2 medical devices requiring FDA clearance. They are available in a variety of sizes with the following processes most common to medical Medical Instrument Air is compressed air purified to meet the requirements of the Instrument Society of America and NFPA as an alternative to Nitrogen. Equivalent to Nitrogen in pressure, dryness, and cleanliness, Instrument Air can support multiple medical applications including driving surgical tools, operating pneumatic brakes and tables, central sterile supply, and laboratory air

Orthopedic Surgical Instrument Best Sellers. In addition to the the common specialty instruments used in orthopedic procedures that you see below, Millennium Surgical can reference any catalog number from any company to provide you with high-quality instruments such as forceps, retractors, clamps, and more Simply click on the image below to start the quiz. The file is 1.5Mb, so depending on the speed of your internet connection it may take a few moments for it to load. Start Quiz. The surgical instrument quiz was created with Adobe Flash List of instruments used in ophthalmology 5 Eye Lens expressor Nettleship's punctum dilator Small scissors Scalpel with bl;age attached Conjunctival sac scissors Barraquer's needle holder Lacrimal sac dilator with scoop Muller's retractor, top vie Patients are connected to their mobile devices 24/7, creating a natural platform from which they can interact with their healthcare providers through applications. A Healthcare IT Insights and Opportunities' study conducted by CompTIA found that 38% of physicians with smartphones use medical apps on a daily basis

Food Analysis Study of biomolecules and their interaction Drug Development Crime detection Medical diagnosis (both clinical and laboratory use) Environmental field monitoring Quality control Industrial Process Control Detection systems for biological warfare agents Manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and replacement organs Application of Biosensor Biosensors play a part in the field of. Single-use medical procedure trays and kits Medical diagnostic kits, point-of-care; Medical instrument sterilization pouches, mats, protector guards, Image- guiding surgery products, ear, nose and throat Orthopedic plates/screws, fixators, implants, cement Surgical shunts Tissue Stabilizer, surgical. Metals and metal alloys are commonly used in implanted medical devices and in inserts like amalgam dental fillings, and these materials are sometimes in contact with parts of the body for extended. Basic dental instrument design. The working end is the part of the instrument that is actively doing the work and usually is at an angle to the contact surface.The shank is the connection between the handle and the working end and often has many bends to allow access to different areas of the mouth.The handle is the portion held by the operator Surgical Instruments - Unmatched Service For twenty five years, hospitals and medical facilities have trusted us to provide high-quality surgical instruments that meet surgeons' exacting standards. We work hard to find specialty surgical instruments so you don't have to. Thank you for your trust. G..

These instruments have a satin finish and come with a lifetime warranty. This C-Section Surgical Instrument Set is available through Avante Health Solutions. Contact an Avante representative today for more information See photos of laboratory equipment and instruments, including glassware, machines used in a chemistry lab, and more

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Additionally, cleaning allows for the safe handling of the instruments by healthcare workers (HCWs). Standard of Practice I The cleaning of instruments should begin during the surgical procedure to prevent drying of blood, soil and debris on the surface and within lumens Download and create highly professional Medical presentations using these Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates Free Easy to edit Professiona Image credit: Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research The elemental composition of both Vesta and Ceres will be measured with the Gamma Ray and Neutron Detector. This instrument uses a total of 21 sensors with a very wide field of view to measure the energy from gamma rays and neutrons that either bounce off or are emitted by a celestial body This is a list of 27 basic pieces of laboratory equipment you would find in a general chemistry lab. Each is named, explained, and shown in a picture

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There are different types of trees present in nature with high medical uses. Here is a list of 25 tree types found in India along with pictures and names New and used medical equipment supplier of hospital equipment for the operating room, critical care, and recovery room. DRE distributes anesthesia machines, lights, tables, patient monitors, ventilators, and electrosurgical units Using Microsoft PowerPoint or Office 365, Serious presenters often want to keep their presentations minimalist in terms of design, but this catalog has a variety of presentation templates and backgrounds available. DownloadObjects PPT Popular Keywords Periodontal probes are the instruments designed for specific purpose of assessing the periodontal health with clinical techniques. Periodontal probes are used to measure, locate and mark the pockets and also determine their related to each tooth surface. Probe is a tapered, rod like instrument calibrated in millimeters with a tip, in case of periodontal probe [&helli

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Medical biotechnology is kind of a hot-button political issue, with presidential candidates even being asked about their position. The idea of working with fetal tissue, or other tissue, to learn about regrowth conjures images of Frankenstein's monster About medical gowns. Gowns are examples of personal protective equipment used in health care settings. They are used to protect the wearer from the spread of infection or illness if the wearer.

A nd different pertinent information that want to be prepared in a pictogram. Download Free Powerpoint Templates Design now and see the difference.What you will have is a extra engaged audience, and the go with the flow of information is smooth and fast. All the PPT Templates and PPT Designs can be downloaded as .pptx file format compatible with all the recent version of Microsoft Powerpoint. A List of Poultry Farming Equipments and their Uses 1.Water equipments. Pan and jar type. Other Poultry Farming Equipments and their Uses. Incubator; This is an instrument used in hatching eggs. birds and birds grown at high densities requires a nutritionally complete feed to produce good growth and maintain good health This instrument is used to remove excess saliva or water from the oral cavity during dental procedures. This is another tool that most people are familiar with from their dentist visits. While a patient is being worked on, saliva often builds up in the mouth, so this device is used to suck out or eject the saliva from the mouth Due to instrument updates and pattern changes equal substitutions may be necessary. Any changes to the set or your order will be communicated as occurred. If substitution is not acceptable a portion or full refund of your order will be applied

This article reviews routine quality-control (QC) procedures for current nuclear medicine instrumentation, including the survey meter, dose calibrator, well counter, intraoperative probe, organ (thyroid) uptake probe, γ-camera, SPECT and SPECT/CT scanner, and PET and PET/CT scanner. It should be particularly useful for residents, fellows, and other trainees in nuclear medicine, nuclear. Use carrying containers to transport contaminated instruments. Wear personal protective equipment (e.g., heavy duty utility gloves, mask, protective eyewear and clothing) Google Photos is the home for all your photos and videos, automatically organized and easy to share Providers and hospitals often use their clinical expertise to develop a plan of care that they know will improve a chronic or acute patient's health. However, that often doesn't matter if the patient fails to make the behavioural adjustment necessary, eg losing weight, scheduling a follow-up visit, filling prescriptions or complying with a treatment plan

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Force and pressure sensors typically use strain gages or piezoelectric devices which change their resistance characteristics under applied loads. These changes can be calibrated over the linear ranges of the transducers to produce measures of weight (force) or pressure (force per unit area) A branch of physics deals with electric current or fields and magnetic fields and their interaction on substance or matter is called Electromagnetism. Electromagnetism has created a great revolution in the field of engineering applications. In addition, this caused a great impact on various fields such as medical, industrial, space, etc. We can find enormous [

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Welcome! Turn on your camera to see Prezi in action. Turn on your camera to see Prezi in action. Allow your camera Use the forward and back arrows for a quick tour of how Prezi Video works. View Modes put you in control. Show just you, you with your graphics, or just your graphics. Add frames. Millennium Surgical Instruments carries a wide selection of German-made, American-made, and high-quality ophthalmic and eye surgical instruments. When you shop with us, you can reference any part number from any surgical instrument company and find an identical or equivalent instrument in our inventory 2.1. Component basics. A McStas component receives an incoming neutron state (a ray) (x,y,z,vx,vy,vz,t,sx,sy,sz,p) in from the McStas system, then transports, records or manipulates the state and finally returns the resulting neutron state (x,y,z,vx,vy,vz,t,sx,sy,sz,p) out back to the McStas system. The component coordinate system can be chosen freely as to whatever is the easy system of the. instrument definition: 1. an object, such as a piano, guitar, or drum, that is played to produce musical sounds: 2. a. Learn more

In the field of Medical, thousands of different instruments are used by doctors and other staff for various purposes. But when it comes to using the right instrument for the right application, identification becomes difficult described the use of ligatures. Ligatures are used to tie off blood vessels and reduce bleeding during operations. Galen ( A.D. 130-200) gave detailed and sensible instructions on the use of surgical instruments. After ancient times, medical knowledge declined, and surgeons fell to a lowly status The second best way to learn the surgical instruments used in surgery today is with Learning Surgical Instruments and the Surgical Instrument Quizzes. Have fun while you quickly learn to identify all of the surgical instruments listed to the right covering the majority of surgical procedures you will encounter

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Instruments and guidelines for qualitative fieldwork 2011-07-27 Responsible institution: observing and/or interacting with participants in areas of their everyday lives. This contrasts with interview-based research or surveys community health workers, teachers, NGO program directors, etcetera. However,. Medical equipment has become a fundamental part of modern healthcare delivery, enabling screening, prevention, diagnostics, treatment and palliative care. Still a huge mismatch exists between the number of technologies produced by the global healthcare innovation community and the user in low-resource settings Warranty: We are committed to providing the highest quality surgical instruments free of functional defects in workmanship and materials. We will repair or replace any surgical instrument that does not meet these requirements when used for their intended surgical purpose—at no cost The images that are produced using these microscope instruments are highly accurate as well as they can be viewed in high resolution using a microscope eyepiece or magnifier. To obtain appropriate results from an SEM, the sample or specimen should have electrical conduction for the electrons to bounce off on its surface, thus producing a clear image

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Spinal instrumentation, also known as spinal implants, devices or hardware, uses surgical procedures to implant titanium, titanium-alloy, stainless steel, or non-metallic devices into the spine.Instrumentation provides a permanent solution to spinal instability. There are many different types, shapes and sizes of medical implants designed specifically to treat spinal disorders in people of all. Three-dimensional (3D) printing refers to a number of manufacturing technologies that generate a physical model from digital information. Medical 3D printing was once an ambitious pipe dream. However, time and investment made it real. Nowadays, the 3D printing technology represents a big opportunity to help pharmaceutical and medical companies to create more specific drugs, enabling a rapid. Its appeal is to those who, for whatever reasons, seek to improve their operating processes and impacts through socially responsible behaviour. ISO is the world's largest developer of voluntary International Standards, used by businesses and other organizations; its members are national standards bodies and its standards and name-recognition are global in reach Times New Roman Georgia Arial Default Design Electrical Materials Electrical Need to Know Electrical Wiring Residential Wiring Residential Wiring Insulated Wiring - A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow.com - id: 4e203b-MjMy percussion [per-kush´un] 1. in physical examination, striking a part of the body with short, sharp blows of the fingers in order to determine the size, position, and density of the underlying parts by the sound obtained. Percussion is most commonly used on the chest and back for examination of the heart and lungs. For example, since the heart is not. Free Medical Books - Over the next years, many textbooks will be available online, free and in full-text. The unrestricted access to scientific knowledge will have a major impact on medical practice. >> New >> Book Alerts >> Unsubscrib

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