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214k members in the ImaginaryTechnology community. Technology-based Sci-fi and Fantasy **pictorial art** featuring robots, cyborgs, mechanisms

1.0k votes, 21 comments. 203k members in the ImaginaryTechnology community. Technology-based Sci-fi and Fantasy **pictorial art** featuring robots The Imaginary Network Expanded (INE) is a network of art sharing subreddits ranging from broad in subject to very specific. It is the goal of the INE to share, inspire, discuss and appreciate paintings, drawings, and digital art while maintaining artist credit and source links

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My imaginary technology is analogue

Reddit has hired its first-ever chief financial officer Karma is Reddit's voting system. The posts with the most karma are the ones you see on the front page. Reddit tracks how much karma each of its users has earned, too. We'll explain how Reddit karma works and how you get it Imaginary numbers, labeled with units of i (where, for instance, a quantum computer scientist at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. Yet the real formulation of quantum mechanics has lingered as evidence that the complex version is merely optional Reddit is a very large news aggregator similar to Digg or Fark. Its structure is based around subreddits, separate topic-specific aggregators which can be easily created. Although Reddit isn't a wiki, The Wiki Rule is in full effect here, since

Reddit. 1,600,737 likes · 24,346 talking about this. Dive into anythin At Imagination Technologies, we apply world-renowned engineering expertise to solve today's most pressing technology challenges; from smarter devices using artificial intelligence to greater insights through augmented reality. Create today what the world will enjoy tomorrow Reddit user u/twoninehigh designed an imaginary DC Metro map. (Courtesy Reddit/twoninehigh) Picture this: Metro stops at BWI Marshall Airport and Dulles International Airport Gizmodo takes a look at the Imaginary Maps group on Reddit, where members mostly post imagined maps from alternate timelines—countries that never existed, the aftermath of wars that went the other way, that sort of thing. The bulk of the piece is an interview with frequent contributor xpNc, who talks about their own motivations for creating such maps

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We'll still see PowerVR around - Imagination is keeping it to describe their technology, particularly their tile-based deferred rendering approach - but after over 20 years it's no longer a. Imaginary Teleprompter is a professional grade, multi-platform, free software teleprompter for everyone to use. It's built on web technologies so it can run in any device Unique Reddit stickers featuring millions of original designs created and sold by independent artists. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, notebooks and windows. White or transparent. 4 sizes available Edith Whiskers: How an imaginary gran got millions of Spotify streams. By Will Chalk Newsbeat reporter. Published 26 November 2020. Share. close. Share page. Copy link. About sharing Unfortunately, Reddit is not particularly good at explaining how it accomplished such a remarkable feat. Chris Slowe, Reddit's chief technology officer and one of its earliest employees, told me.

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Reddit community WallStreetBets has been making the news as it drove GameStop's stock prices up, got banned from Discord, and just generally caused meme-laden chaos. Here's a timeline ‎What is Reddit? Reddit is where topics or ideas are arranged in communities. Start off with what you like and go from there. There are 100K active ones to choose from. Stay informed about COVID-19 at r/coronavirus. Visit the Centers for Disease Control at cdc.gov for info. Joining your favorit The saga of WallStreetBets and GameStop is still unfolding, but there's already not one but two deals to turn it into a movie. The first was by MGM, to adapt an unwritten book, and the second by. #pyramidsThis modern massive pyramid was built alongside two other ancient pyramids, is China trying to revive some ancient technology.Your thoughts please :..

If you're looking for penny stocks to buy right now, I'm sure you've seen plenty of attention placed on social media, namely Reddit. The phenomenon that began earlier in the year thanks to. KTH Royal Institute of Technology Web Login Service - Loading Session Information Loading session information from the browser... Since your browser does not support JavaScript, you must press the Continue button once to proceed The official music video for Circa Survive's Single Imaginary Enemy off the 2010 album Blue Sky Noise.--Director: Ryan Rothermel--Follow Circa Survive on s.. Thanks to tvtropes.org, ask.metafilter.com and Joel for the music.http://dunk3d.tumblr.com - http://joelrobson.bandcamp.com/musicHD UPDATE NEWS!http://dunk3d.. Alexis Ohanian says he is trying to set an example for other leaders -- by stepping down

Dear fellow reddit users: PAIN PEKO#redditshitreview自称インターネットの入り口海外の巨大コミュニティサイトreddit..にあるホロライブ公式r/hololive. The core root is the same issue, but it's not insurmountable with technological improvements. #medallions General Reddit 2020 ( Aug. 18, 2020 ) #110 Aug. 18, 2020 Share Cop One Reddit user has created an epic and fantasy Metrorail map, drawing three new lines and adding extensions to almost any existing route. Reddit user u / twoninehigh designed an imaginary map of the DC subway. (Courtesy of After punching below its weight for years, firm is building new tech and experimenting with charging users First published on Fri 7 May 2021 06.35 EDT By any objective measure, Reddit is an.

It is important to research media users' awareness and perception of the increasingly omnipresent algorithms on the social media platforms they use, for those algorithms can have the power to shape social and domestic life by mediating, supplementing, augmenting, monitoring and regulating social interactions Reddit was once very important to bitcoin and the cryptocurrency community—but now that no longer seems to be the case.. Busted: A bot powered by OpenAI's powerful GPT-3 language model has been unmasked after a week of posting comments on Reddit. Under the username /u/thegentlemetre, the bot was interacting with. Reddit's r/WallStreetBets has grown significantly due to the community's role in driving up the stock prices of companies like GameStop, AMC, and Nokia, and the whole saga has garnered so much. One night in 2014, Ian Goodfellow went drinking to celebrate with a fellow doctoral student who had just graduated. At Les 3 Brasseurs (The Three Brewers), a favorite Montreal watering hole, some.

Reddit has taken steps to crack down on incel-sympathizing subreddits. For example, r/Incel has been banned since November 2017, but an alternate subreddit, r/Braincels, quickly took its place. Reddit. 236 760 subscribers. Реклама: @LulzBoat наш второй — @redditlive. View in Telegram. Preview channel. If you have Telegram, you can view and join Reddit right away. Реклама: @LulzBoat наш второй — @redditlive Don't have Telegram yet? Try it now!.

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  1. With 5.6 million members, Reddit's r/politics is a massive online forum. NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks with moderator Qu1nlan about managing discussions in an era of misinformation
  2. Imaginary Teleprompter is made using HTML, CSS and JavaScript; this makes it easier for developers and designers to customize it to their needs. Through these technologies we were able to integrate and develop extensive formatting controls, also take advantage of GPU acceleration
  3. Reddit Penny Stocks: Vislink (VISL) All about the company: Vislink Technologies (NASDAQ: VISL) is another name that spurs up attention among Reddit penny stocks.The company touts itself as a.

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  1. Samsung is never a company to stay silent for long. Just recently, the Korean OEM showcased some new display technology at Display Week 2021. During the keynote that Samsung gave, it revealed a.
  2. View the latest technology headlines, gadget and smartphone trends, and insights from tech industry leaders
  3. d and built in some of the most requested features, including: text messaging, personalized notes, and photos
  4. Reddit banned another Q-related message board in March for content that encourages or incites violence and the posting of personal and confidential information a Reddit spokesperson told the.
  5. Imagination Technologies is already hurting after announcing Apple won't be buying mobile GPU tech from it any more, and now it has to deal with the iPhone maker setting up its own GPU design.
  6. Reddit's supposed commitment to free speech is actually a punting of responsibility whether in reality or in imagination, where she covers technology. Connect Twitter

Imagination Technologies took a turn for the worse when it announced Apple wouldn't be using its graphics technology in future iPhones, and now the company has put itself up for sale. Analysts. Imagination launches IMG Labs to create breakthrough technologies Fun with PowerVR and the BeagleBone Black: Low-Cost Development Made Easy Imagination's GPU selected by StarFive to create high-performance, small and low-cost BeagleV RISC-V AI single board compute Technology May 19. Amazon.com faces five new racial, gender bias lawsuits. Amazon.com Inc was hit on Wednesday with five new lawsuits by women who worked in corporate or warehouse management roles. Reddit users have been symbolically adopting apes and donating to foundations including The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and the World Wildlife Fund

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  1. Want to Build the Future of the Web? Join the Team. We are seeking out the world's best developers to build the future of blockchain and Web 3.0
  2. Imagination Technologies. MIPS Technologies was acquired 17 December 2012, by Imagination Technologies.Since then, the following processors have been introduced by Imagination Technologies. Imagination Technologies sold MIPS processor rights to Tallwood MIPS Inc in 2017. MIPS Technologies was acquired by Wave Computing in 2018, where MIPS operates as an IP licensing business unit
  3. TECHNOLOGY Energy Web Token (EWT) EW-DOS features a native utility token, the Energy Web Token (EWT). The token protects the network against misbehavior, compensates validators via transaction fees and block awards, and can be used to pay for services that streamline and enhance dApps
  4. The Reddit user was tracked down by Dylan Reeve, I wanted to know if this was some troll trying to win imaginary internet points, trending in technology. 177
  5. The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has established a near isothermal forging technology used in manufacturing critical aero engine components
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